The Sequel expands on last year’s blood offering with an album overflowing with NEW original songs that promise to keep you up all month long dancing, sweating, and begging for your life. In addition to the back-for-more creepy core members, the LVCRFT graveyard has expanded to welcome the recently deceased into its musical ether.

Transforming right before your eyes for The Sequel are Kat Dahlia (Devil Dahlia), Bonnie McKee (Evil McQueen), Uffie (Uffie The Vampire Slayer), ZZ Ward (ZZycho Ward), Sarah Hudson (Olivia Demon Spawn), Morgan McMichaels (Morgan McMyKill Myers), Jarina DeMarco (Jarina the Teenage Bruja), Lao Ra (Lao Llorona) and Har Mar Superstar (Scar Mar Superscare) in addition to iconic horror legends of TV and Film, The Legendary Bruce Campbell (Evil Dead) and The Iconic John Kassir (The Cryptkeeper). The Sequel will cement LVCRFT’s stake in cult horror pop music and promises that songs from beyond will haunt us all year round.

  • Release date: 01 Oct 2020
  • Format: Digital
  • Record Label: Spooky Never Sleeps
  • Listed in:


  1. Boneshaker
  2. Psycho feat. redruMNDR
  3. Exercise The Demons feat. Olivia Demon Spawn & Bruce Campbell
  4. Beast Mode
  5. Ferocious feat. Evil McQueen
  6. Dead Heart Beat feat. Uffie The Vampire Slayer & John Kassir
  7. Don't Leave Me In The Dark feat. Morgan McMykill Meyers
  8. No Rest For The Wicked feat. ZZycho Ward
  9. When The Devil Calls My Name
  10. Spooky Scary Skeletons
  11. Dressed To Kill feat. Evil McQueen
  12. Die Together feat. Scar Mar Superscare & Uffie The Vampire Slayer
  13. Bite
  14. Flatlinin
  15. Death Couldn't Tear Us Apart