LVCRFT Remix Competition

LVCRFT’s October 2020 “Don’t Leave Me In The Dark” featuring Morgan McMyKill Myers remix competition was a fierce affair. We had our work cut out for us with over 200 submissions to filter through our blood funnels and you can listen to the top ten on this nifty slaylist of winners. The EP is available on all the usual streaming sites and you can dance away at your leisure. Thanks again to Metapop, @RAC, HEDD Audio, Native Instruments, Mixtape Massacre, Midsummer Scream and HorrorBuzz for prizes and judging!

If you really want to go down the rabbit hole (all the way to the netherworld) you can hear every one of the remix submissions on the LVCRFT Metapop remix contest page. Feel free to join and make comments … if you dare.