Ghost M’lone phantasmically floats through chords and notes as he lays his tracks to rest. In his former life, Ghost was a part-time tattoo artist and laundromat manager who dabbled in the dark arts of sound design.

While tattooing himself one stormy evening in the after-hours his needle slipped too deep into his skin freeing his hissing soul from its earthly prison. Leaving his physical constraints behind he found his peace pursuing murderous musical mayhem. His banshee beats scream and wail as he summons the rest of his ghost army.

If you listen closely you can you hear them on “Psycho“, “Exercise The Demons“, “Don’t Leave Me In The Dark“, “Dressed To Kill“, “Die Together“, “Can You Hear Me”, “Awooo”, “Candyman”, “Spooky” and “Kids In America”.