Exercise The Demons!

Prepare yourself for an unearthly workout like no other with LVCRFT’s “Exercise The Demons.”

We’ve all wrestled with our personal demons, been captivated by the chills of The Exorcist, and let loose with the rhythms of Jazzercise. But, what if we could blend all these elements into a phenomenal, adrenaline-pumping experience? That’s precisely what we’ve done.

LVCRFT dares to tread where few have ventured before, creating a heart-stopping fusion of hauntingly irresistible music and a full-throttle zombie workout. We’ve not just pushed the boundaries – we’ve shattered them, and then danced on the fragments.

So come, dare to dance with your demons. Step into the LVCRFT realm, where music and movement meld into a supernatural spectacle. Leave no tombstone unturned – it’s time to Exercise The Demons!

LVCRFT Exercise The Demons 30 Minute Zombie Workout

It doesn’t have to be Halloween (or Half-O-Ween for that matter) to get yourself all zombied out for a 30 minute aerobic workout with our resident HyperZombie® (AKA licensed trainer HyperBody®)! Grab some LVCRFT exercise apparel and sweat along as she steps you through 30 minutes of demonic aerobic exercises set to your favorite spooky music from LVCRFT.

LVCRFT Exercise The Demons [Lyric Video]

LVCRFT Exercise The Demons [Music Video]