The Return Trailer by Crowded Camera & Hauntagram

Here it is! The Soundtracked by LVCRFT prize winners Crowded Camera & Hauntagram have created the most insane and terrifying movie trailer for our new album THE RETURN.

Soundtracked By LVCRFT Film Contest WINNER!

Die Together by Crowded Camera & Hauntagram

We are thrilled to announce our winning filmmaker(s) Crowded Camera (@CrowdedCamera) and Hauntagram (@Ryanbyday) who’s winning video for “Die Together (feat. Uffie The Vampire Slayer and DejaVudu” knocked us off our feet…

Crowded Camera & Hauntagram have won the grand prize, $5000, to make a movie trailer for our upcoming album The Return. Stay tuned, we’ll be back!

Skeleton Sam from runner up David Love at Hollow Studios

Here is the runner up, an animated dance video for “Skeleton Sam” from filmmaker David Love at Hollow Studios.

Thanks to HorrorBuzz and Midsummer Scream for hosting such a great contest!

Soundtracked By LVCRFT Short Film Contest

Hey SPOOKY FREAKS – we’ve chosen our winner! (…and a runner-up!) All will be revealed at the The Midsummer Scream Screaming Room Film Festival 2021 presented by Horror Buzz.

Come see our winner’s short films, hear a sneak peek of new LVCRFT music, and stay for our secret feature film presentation—a rarely-seen ’80s spooktacular TV movie that should be a Halloween staple alongside Hocus Pocus and Trick R Treat…

Frida Cinema in Santa Ana, CA

Saturday, July 10th – 7:30pm-10pm. 


“Soundtracked By LVCRFT” Short Film Contest

Midsummer Scream, HorrorBuzz & LVCRFT present the “Soundtracked By LVCRFT” Short Film Contest!

Spooky filmmakers! Want a shot to direct a horror music video/short with a $5000 budget?

Use LVCRFT’s music in an original short film or music video and submit it to Midsummer Scream’s 2021 Screaming Room film festival. We’ll pick the film that best incorporates the music and the director will be given a $5000 budget to shoot and direct an official music video/short for LVCRFT’s next album due this fall, just in time for Halloween.


Choose a LVCRFT song (or instrumental) from THIS SLAYLIST and incorporate it in your film.  After completing your film, submit it to Midsummer Scream’s Screaming Room.  Be sure to check off the “SOUNDTRACKED BY LVCRFT” box.  After submitting you may upload it to YouTube or Vimeo, tag it with @LVCRFTofficial #SoundtrackedByLVCRFT and let the world know!


All films are eligible for inclusion in the HorrorBuzz Screaming Room – if scheduled for screening filmmaker will receive a pair of complimentary weekend passes to Midsummer Scream.

Soundtracked By LVCRFT Winner will receive:

  • $5000 budget to cover production and editorial for a new LVCRFT music video/short.
  • Director of the winning selection will work with LVCRFT to select a song(s) from their upcoming album and discuss creative, budgeting, timeline etc.
  • LVCRFT Prize pack
  • Winner’s video will be released formally with full marketing and promotion, PR, social media etc.
  • Winning filmmaker included in PR, marketing, social media etc.

5 Runners up will receive a LVCRFT Prize pack.  


  • Theme or tone must be Horror based. Scary preferred, camp is cool, we favor the frights, clever creeps and dark suspense
  • Short films, music video, animated shorts accepted
  • 15 minute maximum duration, no exceptions
  • Must contain recognizable usage of LVCRFT song(s) included on This Is LVCRFT playlist
  • You must check off the “SOUNDTRACKED BY LVCRFT” category box on the submission form!  Use waiver code LVCRFT2020 to allow for free entry. (non-contest entries using this code will be ignored).
  • Entry must not have previously been submitted for the Midsummer Scream Screaming Room
  • Music must be credited properly in credits/metadata etc.
  • All participants must consent to being included in your entry 
  • Entry must not contain any other copyrighted material
  • Must be submitted no later than April 12, 2021


A shortlist of potential winning entries will be determined by the HorrorBuzz team. The winning entry will be judged and selected by an esteemed panel of industry pros including LVCRFT’s own Lil Punkin’, DeepKutz and Norman Crates.

Entries will be judged on:

  • Creative use of music
  • Artistic Merit (e.g., Story, Creativity, Entertainment Value)
  • Technical Merit
  • Additional consideration for Social Engagement


  • March 1, 2021- Regular Deadline
  • April 12, 2021 – Late Deadline
  • May 17, 2021 – Notification Date
  • July 9 – 11, 2021 – Event Date
  • September 2021 – Winner’s prize video premiere

Midsummer Scream, HorrorBuzz, or LVCRFT reserves the right to extend the deadline at any time.

Follow @LVCRFTofficial to stay up to date!