We are quickly approaching The Reaper’s favorite holiday (T-minus 9 days to Halloween!) and of course LVCRFT has been back in the crypt cooking up some new treats for you.  Today we unleash The Return Deluxe Edition featuring two brand new spooky songs en español!

Listen to “Tuki Tuki Tuki (feat. Señor Spooky)” once and try not find yourself repeating Tuki Tuki Tuki 5 times into the mirror as you brush your teeth tomorrow.  This might be the hookiest (and kookiest?) song we’ve EVER WRITTEN.

Also featured on The Return Deluxe Edition  is “Abajo De Tu Cama” (under your bed), a new BANGER from LVCRFT’s own Devil Dahlia.  As she explains “Tonight…it’s a monster party, and no…we’re not under your bed, we’re out in the streets terrifying children, as their screams become the music we dance to!”  This haunting hymn also features possibly the most complex Halloween rap verse ever from veteran mic slayer and seed sprayer, Lil Punkin.

  • Release date: 22 Oct 2021
  • Record Label: Spooky Never Sleeps
  • Listed in:

The Return (Deadly Deluxe)

  1. Every Night (Feat. Jake Miller, JHart & Sarah Hudson)
  2. Lookin 4 Trouble
  3. Howl-O-Ween
  4. Paranoid (feat. Jake Miller)
  5. Hot As Hell (feat. Dexter Darden)
  6. Sunburn (feat. Xavier Goodman)
  7. Devilish Ways
  8. Dead Don't Die
  9. Spellbound (feat. Madilyn Bailey)
  10. Bump in the Night (feat. Alex Greenwald of Phantom Planet)
  11. Gravedigga (feat. The Gravedigger-Frukwan of Gravediggaz)
  12. Resurrection (feat. Bonnie McKee)
  13. Soul Sucker (feat. Kailee Morgue)
  14. Tuki Tuki Tuki (feat. Señor Spooky)
  15. Abajo De Tu Cama