Olivia Demon Spawn

After a terribly tragic 1985 aerobics accident at a small Dancercise studio in Brooklyn, NY, a fitness instructor lay hobbled and dead on the glistening wood floor. Her exercise friends insisted that she be buried in her leg warmers, but her leg warmers (and her legs) were nowhere to be found! Strange things were afoot. It turns out her legs had rolled into the corner under a forgotten pile of sweaty towels and jock straps.

After years of fermentation and germination a new fitness instructor was born of those legs, Olivia Demon Spawn! More fit and powerful than ever she haunts the dance studio and when the lights go out, the dancing goes on and she leads her class straight to hell.

Keep up if you can and “Exercise The Demons” with Olivia and The Legendary Bruce Campbell if you dare! If you need another set, you can try and exercise YOUR demons with our 30 minute guided aerobic “Zombie Workout” video!