Every night as the sun goes down Count Trackula emerges from his coffin studio with a bloody mouthful of new tracks to snap your neck and sink your teeth deep into.

The Transylvanicanadian native can transform a beat into a bat and back all while eluding cameras, smoke and mirrors. Now he is underworld-renowned for inducing blood curdling, garlic smelling screams and leaving even the undead thirsting for more–MUHUHAHAHAHA!

Listen to his fangulous production on “Boneshaker“, “Beast Mode“, “Ferocious“, “Dead Heart Beat“, “No Rest For The Wicked“, “When The Devil Calls My Name“, “Spooky Scary Skeletons“, “Death Couldn’t Tear Us Apart“, “Love Kills”, “Skeleton Sam”, “Take It To The Graveyard”, “If You Ask Me To”, “As Long As You Love Me”, “First Blood” and “Voodoo”.