Lil Punkin

The newest of newcomers, Lil Punkin carved out his fan base (and his own face) by planting seeds on Ghostcloud and Spooktify.

His lyrics are roasted and salted with dark double meanings and he’s not afraid to show you all of his guts. Don’t be tricked by Lil Punkin’s big head, he is full of delicious treats that will keep the world coming back for more.

Bear witness to his lyrical carvings on “Boneshaker“, “Exercise The Demons“, “Ferocious“, “Dead Heart Beat“, “Don’t Leave Me In The Dark“, “No Rest For The Wicked“, “Flatlinin’“, “Love Kills”, “Skeleton Sam”, “Voodoo”, “First Blood”, “Can You Hear Me?” And “Take It To The Graveyard (Boo-Yeah!)”.