Happy Spookytember!!! 👻 And to celebrate the dawn of the Spooky SZN we have a Spookytember Surprise!!! We dropped a brand new song, a cover of the Andrew Gold deepcut 🔪 It Must Be Halloween 🎃.  

AND we are THRILLED to announce that this new ghoulish bop is the theme song for Freeform’s 31 Nights Of Halloween this year!!!! So…everytime you hear It Must Be Halloween anywhere on a 31 Nights commercial, give us a Shazam, post it on social media, and #LVCRFT31Nights for a chance to win something spooky and fun!!!!

Keep it Creepy 🔪🖤🔪🖤🔪🖤


  • Release date: 09 Sep 2022
  • Record Label: Spooky Never Sleeps
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LVCRFT - It Must Be Halloween

  1. It Must Be Halloween