LVCRFT LTR 22: Scream Warriors OUT NOW!

What’s up Spooky Freaks?

We’re proud to introduce our 4th album Scream Warriors, an insane collaboration with legendary film composer Christopher Young who is responsible for scaring your pants off again and again with his terrifying film scores including Hellraiser, Sinister, NMOES 2, Drag Me To Hell, the list goes on…

We just listened to Scream Warriors again and can officially confirm it is THE MOST TERRIFYING ALBUM EVER MADE.  It even scared Skeleton Sam!

Scream Warriors was mixed in immersive Dolby Atmos and the experience of listening straight through is not to be missed.  Turn out the lights, turn up the volume and try to survive!

See you on the other side,



LVCRFT & Christopher Young Scream Warriors