LVCRFT Letter: Vol. 13 – Dia De Los Muertos DOS!

Hola my Spooky Freaks – Señor Spooky here to give you one last treat before the SPOOKY SZN officially ends and TRKY SZN begins! 🦃 Today is Dia De Los Muertos, the Day of the Dead and LVCRFT has returned again with new music!  

Dia De Los Muertos DOS is here!  Five infectious spooky tunes will have you looking under your bed, terrified to open your closet and dancing till your cabezas fall off. 🤯 New tunes from me, Señor Spooky, as well as Loba Lova, sKarface and the return of the evilest Devil Dahlia.
LVCRFT Dia De Los Muertos DOS
Check out our new lyric video for Tuki Tuki Tuki and watch me play myself!


Señor Spooky