#SlashbackFriday and #WickedpediaWednesday are LVCRFT’s weekly commemoration of iconic horror films and the peculiar origin stories behind the mysterious music masterpieces they contain. From essential cult classics to modern-day monsters, we’ll shed some light into the deepest darkest corners of the horror music genre.

  • Slashback Friday: Zombieland
    Dying to rot your brain with a “comedy that kills”? Then Zombieland might be the ticket. On this Slashback Friday we salute David Sardy and … Read more
  • Slashback Friday: A Quiet Place
    Shhhh…seriously don’t make a noise. On this Slashback Friday we salute Marco Beltrami who we hope survived composing the score for A Quiet Place considering … Read more
  • Slashback Friday: Train to Busan
    As bloodthirsty zombies rampage the streets and transportation stations of Seoul, South Korea, what worse situation than to be on a train filled with even … Read more
  • Slashback Friday: Assault On Precinct 13
    Just when you thought John Carpenter couldn’t crush all corners of horror, he drops the societal breakdown underground opus; Assault On Precinct 13. On this … Read more