LVCRFT’s 5th album, V, is out now on all digital platforms!

V features 12 new future Halloween classics with feature performances from Monte Revolta and The Remains! The album is not just a musical journey but also an exploration into the haunting universe of LVCRFT, delving deep into the chilling tale of Skeleton Sam’s desperate quest to rescue his lost love, Seraphina. The narrative is gripping, with a “found letter” from Samuel St. Skelevoie (a.k.a. Skeleton Sam) urging fans to uncover a chilling love story. “I’ve been frantically working to free my one true love… Please, I beg you, find the right notes.”

The intrigue doesn’t stop at the album. LVCRFT has rolled out a serialized “found footage” short film on social media, offering fans a visual rollercoaster running right through Halloween. This immersive experience promises to unveil the deeper layers of the LVCRFT universe.


  • Release date: 29 Sep 2023
  • Format: Digital
  • Record Label: Spooky Never Sleeps
  • Cat. no: SNS033
  • Listed in:


  1. Everyday Is Halloween
  2. Burnin'
  3. Bad Witches
  4. Purgatory ft Monte Revolta
  5. Seraphina
  6. Scream! (For Halloween) w/ The Remains
  7. Vendetta
  8. Sound Of Running
  9. Never Be Alone
  10. Late Night Rider
  11. Feeling Like Halloween
  12. Fare Thee Well