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Exercise The Demons UnMasked Out Now!

Check out the 2nd installment of our UnMasked series where we reveal the real world artist hiding behind the spooky LVCRFT moniker! This time around it’s Exercise The Demons with The Legendary Bruce Campbell & Olivia Demon Spawn, now revealed to be Bruce Campbell and Sarah Hudson! Enjoy the new mix and don’t forget to peep the music video, 30 minute zombie exercise video and new apparel!

LVCRFT – UnMasked


Ever wonder who’s hiding behind the horror?🔪🔪🔪 What’s in the box 📦 OR who’s behind the mask 👺…? Now all will be revealed! LVCRFT (UnMasked) is our new series of revamped releases where we unveil our creepy coven of collaborators and show ❤️ to the spooky freak under the mask!

We’re Halfway There it’s Half-O-Ween!

Well Spooky Freaks, we made it! (Or almost made it) We’re Halfway There, it’s Half-O-Ween! And as you know we couldn’t leave you out in the cold with out delivering the FIRST EVER official Half-O-Ween anthem. Our new song “Halfway There (Half-O-Ween)” is out NOW, just in time to get your paranormal pre-game on for Saturday May 1st–AKA the actual Half-O-Ween!!!! (Or is it Halfoween? How do YOU spell it? (Halfaween?))

Halfway There (Half-O-Ween)” has everything…zombies..goblins…ghouls…Ghost M’lone with the first quotable lyric of the summer…and of course the vocal stylings of not one, not two but four of our very own slasher seven vocalists–Evil McQueen, DeepKutz, Scary Ana Grande and DejaVudu all represent on this track laid down by our resident record crate digging Norman Crates

This is no April Fools’, this is the real deal. For LVCRFT, SPOOKY SEASON STARTS NOW and it doesn’t stop until Dia De Los Muertos DOS drops in November. That’s right, after today there’s no turning back.  We’re dropping new treats for your tricks every 3 weeks through October. Sign up for The LVCRFT Letter or follow us on socials to stay in the loop. 

But for now get ready to turn it up, get down and COME ALIVE because we’re HALFWAY THERE…!

Your Favorite Spooky Music

The Reaper

LVCRFT – a band of horror-obsessed hitmakers responsible for writing & producing tracks for Rihanna, Madonna, Charli XCX and Beyonce among others – has united once more to create an album overflowing with songs that promise to keep you dancing, sweating, and begging for your life.

New album The Sequel expands on last year’s blood offering (This Is Halloween Vol.1) with an expanded cast that even includes The Evil Dead’s Bruce Campbell and the Cryptkeeper himself, John Kassir. Pop music ain’t never sounded like this. Dive in and join us!

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